Did you know . . .?

Replacing an employee costs approximately 150% of that position’s first year base salary.

Putting the right person in the right job can positively impact employee engagement and dramatically reduce turnover.

A strong recruiting and selection process maximizes your ROI-P – Return on Investment in People!

Our Employment Services include:

  • Proactive Staffing Strategies
  • Recruiting, Selection, Retention
  • Retained and Contingency Searches
  • Orientation Programs
  • Downsizing/Reengineering
  • Outplacement – Full Service
  • Separation/Termination Processes


HR Partners can work with you to develop and implement a clear and concise recruiting and selection plan for your organization. We provide the tools and expertise to hire based on solid data, giving you confidence in your hiring decisions and placing great people into the right jobs.

We do the work for you! May include any or all:

Create a Job Description

Define Essential Functions of the job; use of our proprietary tool to create data driven, legally compliant job descriptions

Create Ad

Create engaging ad highlighting the benefits of your work environment and culture, and essential duties/requirements

Create a Sourcing Plan

Target where and when to post openings; establish process for replies/tracking

Top Candidate Selection

Nitty-gritty selection work: collect and screen resumes, conduct phone interviews, test top candidates, conduct in-person interviews

Make offer

Assist in finalizing the process by creating the written offer, negotiating terms and performing background checks