Did you know . . .?

Major changes have been made to policies on Background Checking, Pregnancy Leave, e-Cigarettes, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Social Media, and so much more…

ADA, Harassment and Retaliation make up nearly 80% of lawsuits against employers. If you don’t have an employee handbook, the courts, DOL and EEOC automatically assume you have not provided employees written information you are legally bound to share.

The only thing worse than not having a handbook? Having one that’s out of date. You are stuck with whatever poorly constructed policies you have disseminated, however long ago.

Employee Handbooks

Handbooks are NOT one size fits all. Every organization is subject to different policies based upon location, size, unions, government contractor or non-profit status and so much more.

HR Partners creates custom Employee Handbooks that are on target for your specific employee population and organizational demographics. We work with you to create and implement a customized, legally sound, and easy-to-understand employee handbook.

Written policies, consistently enforced, can help avoid legal disputes. They also serve by:

  • helping employees find the answers they seek by themselves
  • eliminating repetition of endlessly answering the same questions
  • providing clear guidance on company’s positions against discrimination/retaliation/harassment
  • documenting expectations
  • creating uniformity
  • helping to prevent disputes
  • communicating certain procedures

Update Service

HR Partners provides an update service to our clients, advising them of changes to legislation and recommendations for updating related policies.