Top Strategic Advisor . . .

1960’s: Engineers

1980’s: CFOs

2000 & beyond: HR

Why? Capital is relatively easy to obtain; technology is readily available; so what's left for gaining a competitive edge?


HR is not a Cost-Center. It is a Cost-Savings Center. Let us show you how!

More than 5000 pieces of employment-related legislation are enacted each year. Which relate to you? Which policies must you follow based on your organization size and type? What are your competitors doing? How in the world do you keep up?

Protect yourself – clean up your HR processes, securely set your HR foundation, and reinvest the savings!


From Zero to HR in 30 days!

At HR Partners, we’ve identified three distinct needs for developing companies and have compiled a unique bundle of services called HRFastTrack™, laying the foundation to launch your HR function in 30 days. This innovative concept in service is priced at one flat rate, for straightforward budget planning.


We “take a snapshot” of how you are doing things today, then crosscheck those processes (or lack thereof!) against both compliance and best practices. Your organization is provided with a step-by-step, date-by-date guideline to get your HR practices in full alignment and prepare for your ongoing growth.


Along with the HR Audit, we work with you to prepare an Employee Policies Handbook which outlines all relevant policies in easy to understand language. Handbooks assist management in administering policies consistently, and help employees answer many of their basic questions themselves.


As an integral foundation for all recruiting, compensation, and employee development programs, we will introduce our proprietary job analysis/description tool to provide your organization with current, data driven, legally compliant job descriptions measuring the essential functions for each position, as well as a plan to maintain them as your organization evolves.


As a final component of our comprehensive HRFastTrack™ system, we will work with your team to create your organization’s unique HRRoadMap a detailed, custom plan for moving forward to maintain and build on this solid foundation.

Whether HR Partners remains involved on a retainer basis or we assist in recruiting an appropriate PartTime or FullTime HR professional – perhaps even a combination of the two – our HRFastTrack™ leaves you with the security of knowing where you’re headed, an HRRoadMap to get you there, and the security of knowing that you are not traveling alone.