HR Services

Go From Zero to HR in 30 days!

At HR Partners, we’ve identified three distinct needs for developing companies andhave compiled a unique bundle of services called HRFastTrack™, laying the foundation to launch your HR function in 30 days.

This innovative concept in service is priced at one flat rate, for straightforward budget planning.

With over 5000 new employment-related legislation pieces passed every year, how sure are you that your organization is in full compliance?

Moreover, how sure are you that your organization’s HR systems are providing maximum ROI for your employee expenditures?

Check out our suite of HR Audits to fit your unique needs

Although Job Descriptions are not legally required, they are your best defense against a wide range of employment challenges and lawsuits.

HR Partners has developed a proprietary tool to define Essential Functions of each job, yielding current, data driven, legally compliant job descriptions. We also provide custom plans to maintain the descriptions as your organization evolves.

Handbooks are NOT one size fits all. Every organization is subject to different policies based upon location, size, unions, government contractor or non-profit status and so much more.

HR Partners creates custom Employee Handbooks that are on target for your specific employee population and organizational demographics. We work with you to create and implement a customized, legally sound, and easy-to-understand employee handbook.

Replacing an employee costs approximately 150% of that position’s first year base salary.

Putting the right person in the right job can positively impact employee engagement and dramatically reduce turnover.

A strong recruiting and selection process maximizes your ROI-P – Return on Investment in People!

Need a little help? A lot of help? HR Partners International provides services tailored to your specific needs. Use only the hours and level of expertise you need; increase or decrease services as your needs change.

All of our services are available on a Project, Retainer, or Interim HR basis. For small and emerging businesses, we are your HR Department. For more established businesses, we are your HR Department’s “HR Department”

. . . caters to the skyrocketing demand for HR staffing flexibility and breadth of expertise urgently needed by today’s businesses.

Our services are custom-contoured to each individual organization’s needs. Use only the hours and level of professionalism that you need, increasing or decreasing the level of service as your organization’s life-cycle needs change.