Did you know . . .?

ADA, Harassment and Retaliation make up nearly 80% of lawsuits against employers. When do you need to make a “reasonable accommodation?”

The Department of Labor (DOL) has 50% more investigators now than in 2017, and a written strategic plan that specifically targets employers – investigating exempt vs non-exempt vs Independent Contractor status.

Simple clarity of job duties and expectations increases employee engagement up to 60%.

Job Descriptions

Although Job Descriptions are not legally required, they are your best defense against a wide range of employment challenges and lawsuits. Federal agencies have determined that Job Descriptions can be a major defining factor for Essential Functions, and a tremendous support in lawsuits regarding ADA accommodations and determination of employee exempt vs non-exempt status.

HR Partners has developed a proprietary tool to define Essential Functions of each job, yielding current, data driven, legally compliant job descriptions. We also provide custom plans to maintain the descriptions as your organization evolves.

Job Descriptions are useful for:

  • Communication/clarification of expectations
  • Legal compliance – clarifying “essential functions” for FLSA and ADA requirements
  • Relationship - building and coaching
  • Performance Management – goal setting, measurement, coaching
  • Recruiting & Selection – ad content; prescreens; interview questions
  • Gap Analysis & Training
  • Employee Empowerment – take charge of growth
  • Succession Planning & Workforce Design – shift duties for growth and coverage
  • Compensation Comparisons – internally and to market