HR Partners Career Guide

Career Guide

We are excited to announce the retail release of HR Partners’ Career Guide! This is the same guide which has already helped over 1000 job changers find the opportunity of their dreams.

This 170-page Career Guide is revised every 90 days to maintain the latest in career information and Internet references. Our Career Guide is filled with exercises, tips, samples, and all the latest step-by-step help you need to land that next position quickly and with confidence that you are “on the right path.” Each of the tips and exercises in this book are specifically designed to take you completely through the process, each step building upon the information and exercises of the previous sections.

HR Partners’ Career Guide is available to you as a .pdf download for just $29.95 for the Guide; $49.95 if you would like the option of emailing your resume draft for a written critique. $249.95 for Career Guide and full resume development.

Order now and get started on your new career path today!

Career Guide

Price:  $29.95

Career Guide and written critique of resume

Price:  $49.95

Career Guide and full resume development

Price:  $249.95