Value Added Systems

"I never cease being dumbfounded by the unbelievable things people believe."
– Leo Rosten

Customers talk. One unhappy customer can spread the unhappiness-virus to an average of 20 other potential clients.

Are you providing ultimate customer and employee care?

Employees talk, too. Turnover statistics show that more employees leave their employers for personal reasons than any other rationale. Have you asked your employee-customers lately what you can do for them? Are you invested in supporting staff in balancing their work and personal commitments? Are you truly getting the best ROI on your people-investments?

HR Partners will work with you to develop low or no cost systems and programs to provide the supportive, meaningful environment in which your staff can contribute and excel.

  • Customer and Employee Opinion & Engagement Surveys
  • Work/Life and Wellness Programs
  • Corporate Volunteer Initiatives
  • Recreation/Social Events
  • Employee Recognition & Suggestion Programs