Knock Knock – Who’s there?   The Feds.  Coming to check on your HR systems.  Are you ready?

It’s a guarantee that someone is going to audit your processes … your choice is who does it first – you or the feds?   Uncover problems before they do.    Fines are hefty and one lawsuit can cripple a small or emerging business – or put you out of business altogether

HR Partners offers two Audit systems to uncover problems and identify solutions:

 HRAssure™ is a multi-dimensional full audit tool our experts use to systematically examine all aspects of your organization’s HR systems, ensuring adherence to internal company policies and government regulations. Read More

HRSnapShot™ Audits are quick tools in checklist format, designed to determine the status of your organization in regard to compliance with state and federal regulations.

Legislative Compliance Audit – 500+ pieces of employment legislation are passed each year – are you in compliance?

Independent Contractor Snapshot Audit – Are they really employees in disguise? What are your liabilities?

FLSA Snapshot Audit – Are your employees correctly classified exempt vs. non-exempt?  Is your organization at risk?

I-9 Snapshot Audit – Missing dates, documents, or signatures = huge fines. Read More