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HR Fundamentals™ — Information and Resources to Instantly Impact Your Bottom Line          

14 HRCI credits pre-approved

Whether you’re looking for a refresher on HR functions; updating your knowledge to current resources for writing handbooks, compliance law, hiring and compensation practices; looking for the latest in employee engagement systems such as performance management and coaching, Workforce and Succession Planning – Have we got a seminar series for YOU!  Join us and learn how to maximize your ROI – P:  Return On Investment in your People.

What is HR Fundamentals™ ?

A series of 4 workshops given over two days, providing specific overviews of the basics you need to optimize and successfully manage your Human Resources function.  Each session builds on information provided in prior sessions, yet is content rich enough to stand alone. Attend one, or multiple sessions.  If you’ve attended before, you are welcome to repeat any class as a refresher! 

Who should attend? Anyone who needs to understand the comprehensive role of HR and wants to maximize their organization’s ROI – P.
EACH SESSION HAS BEEN PRE-APPROVED FOR 3.5 HRCI credits; 14 credits for the full 2-day series

    • CEOs, CFOs, COOs, executives
    • Small Business Owners
    • Management Teams
    • Executive Assistants who have been asked to step into an HR role
    • HR Professionals who want to revisit and update their knowledge of the fundamentals

What topics are covered? Each session covers three fundamental HR topics, and includes time for Q&A.  See reverse for detailed session curricula.

HR Fundamentals™ I:  Compliance and Hiring

HR Fundamentals™ 2:  Job Descriptions, Compensation and Benefits

HR Fundamentals™ 3:  Onboarding, HRMS, Employee Coaching, Performance & Engagement

HR Fundamentals™ 4:  Strategic Visioning & Workforce Planning, Hot Topics/Alerts in HR     

Where are sessions held?

Indiana Wesleyan University Campus
West Chester, OH

What is the cost?  Our regular course rate is $129 per session; Discounted rates available for early registration or multiple participants from the same company.  Sign up for all four sessions and receive a $50 rebate.  Fees include lunch (for full day participants), extensive resource materials, and one-hour follow up consultation. 

How do I sign up? For more information, visit our website at, click on Seminars, then on HR Fundamentals.   Or contact us at 


HR Fundamentals™ 1: Compliance and Hiring

Legislative Compliance

  • What goes in those personnel files and how long do you keep it
  • Why you need a handbook
  • Which employment laws must you follow?

How to Hire

  • How to know what you need
  • How to determine if the candidate fits your need

 Helpful Hiring Tools

  • Automated Applicant Tracking
  • Use of Assessments for Selection

HR Fundamentals™ 2: Job Descriptions, Compensation, and Benefits

Effective Job Descriptions

  • Job analysis made easy
  • Uses of job descriptions to impact bottom line results
  • ADA and FLSA compliance

Compensation Basics

  • Setting your compensation philosophy
  • How to know what you should be paying

Benefits Basics

  • What are employers offering these days?

HR Fundamentals™ 3: Onboarding, HRMS, Employee Coaching, Performance & Engagement

Onboarding Strategies for Best Success

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)

  • Automated HR functions

Performance Empowerment

  • Strategies for empowering/engaging people
  • Coaching vs. traditional “Performance Management”
  • Individual development plans

HR Fundamentals™ 4: Strategic Visioning & Workforce Planning,

Hot Topics/Alerts in HR

Strategic Planning

  • Vision, Mission, Strategic Imperatives
  • Goal Alignment

 Workforce/Succession Planning

  • Environmental Scan; Competition
  • Aligning Workforce Competencies with Company Strategic Plan

Hot Topics / Alerts in HR

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