HR Hotline Information

If you think that EEO is part of the Old MacDonald’s Farm song…
…you might need an HR Hotline

If, when you hear “I-9,” you yell “BINGO!!”…
…you might need an HR Hotline

If your definition of COBRA is a dancing snake rising from an urn…
…you might need an HR Hotline

If you sing USERRA, SERRA like Doris Day…
…you might need an HR Hotline

If you cross your FMLAs with your FLSAs…
…you might need an HR Hotline

500+ employment-related pieces of legislation are passed each year.   What is the cost of one wrong decision?

Need to ask an HR Expert for advice?                            

HR Hotline is an annual service designed for the employer who may not need a regular HR presence but may have questions related to employees, employment issues, or workplace concerns.  And, current HR professionals who’d like a “second opinion” regarding a workplace issue may also find the HR Hotline a great resource.

Relationship-Driven – When you register for the HR Hotline, you will be connected to one of our senior HR professionals who will become your HR Hotline Expert – in this way, the expert and you develop a collaborative working relationship, yielding an enhanced, value-added support experience.

Efficient – Your HR Hotline Expert will return your call/email within 24 hours.

Flexible – HR Hotline members purchase packages that fit their needs.  Package questions include those that should be generally known to our team of certified Senior HR Professionals and can be answered in a phone call up to 30 minutes; questions that require research may count as more than one question.  Your HR Hotline Expert will advise you of this prior to performing such research.

  • Basic Package – up to 12 questions/year
  • Enhanced Package – up to 24 questions/year
  • Custom Package – should you find you need HR support beyond simply asking questions, you may be a good candidate for our HR Retainer Services.   Contact us at for information on our Retainer Services.

HR Hotline clients are automatically enrolled in our no-cost HR Partners Preferred Client Program, which includes:

  • e-Alerts on Hot HR Issues
  • Preferred Enrollment in HR Partners’ seminars
  • Discounts on all other HR Partners’ products and services
  • Attendance at our First Thursdays seminars at no charge

Try us out!    Get your one free question by contacting us at 513.456.1030  or