Reflection Room / Gathering Room

In the January, 2004 Emerging Trends Series, I shared some truly eye-opening data from the AMA regarding the bottom- line costs of job stress to American businesses, estimated at $300+ BILLION annually. That’s why the AMA states that stress may easily be the single greatest contributor to illness in the industrialized world. As we noted, […]

Celebrate With Ta Da! Lists

This New Year, instead of traditional Resolutions and Goals, let’s do something a bit different and honor the positive in both our personal and professional lives. What if, just for a change, we don’t focus on all those things in the past year that we are going to “fix” this year, but instead focus on […]

Is It Working For You?

Dr. Phil…the most recent guru on the tv airwaves, now hosts his own daily talk/reality psychology show. If you’ve ever seen his show, or watched his many appearances on “Oprah,” you’d quickly come to appreciate his no-nonsense style. His trademark response/mantra, “is it working for you?” is based in a rather non-judgmental philosophy, and simply […]

Balancing Work and Family

“The trouble with the rat race is, that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” –Lily Tomlin There’s a really great coaching exercise that goes something like “What do you want written on your tombstone?” (which has nothing to do with lousy frozen pizza J) This exercise prompts individuals to think quietly and deeply […]

Balancing Work and Family

Part 2 of a Never-Ending Series!! “To be successful, have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.” —Thomas Watson My first major in college was Math. The college I was to attend gave scholarships on a rotating basis and the year I was to begin my studies, that scholarship was Math. […]

Back-To-School Means Audit Time In Cincinnati !!

Welcome to September in Cincinnati!! The heat and haze of summer will hopefully begin to die down, Back-To-School commercials abound, and that Back-to-Work, roll-up-your-sleeves mentality is kicking in at our workplaces. This is a great time to take advantage of this very targeted energy to “take stock” of your organization’s HR practices, celebrate successes, and […]

Coaching With Appreciative Inquiry

The New Year is traditionally the time for setting new goals, new aspirations, both personally (those darned New Year’s Resolutions!), as well as corporately (those darned performance evaluations!). While such traditional yearin-review strategies are obviously well-ingrained and appropriate at this time of year, I’d like to suggest a slightly different approach, based upon some time-tested […]